February 23-24, 2022

Soon after closing this year’s PR Congress,
find out who gets to bring home the coveted Anvil.

Public relations must be seen not just as a cog in the machine of pandemic response; it is also vital in setting the gears of recovery going. PR buoys brands and companies amid the deluge of the pandemic. It is a beacon of knowledge, arming stakeholders with insights and information on how to effectively and efficiently navigate the tempest. More importantly, PR is all-important in spreading the message of hope and optimism, of aspirations and of noble goals. PR imparts the message that out of murky waters of pessimism, humanity will rise and will triumphantly endure. Humanity will persevere. Humanity First…

About Anvil Awards

The annual Anvil Awards recognizes the best in the industry for that year. 

The Anvil, which has become a symbol of excellence in the Philippine PR industry, is awarded to outstanding public relations programs, tools and practitioners after careful screening by select PR professionals and judging by a distinguished multisectoral jury. 

The annual Anvil Awards is participated in by corporate companies, communication and PR agencies, hotels, hospitals, schools and professional services, government agencies and nonprofit organizations across the country. 

The “Gabi ng Parangal” is usually set for January or February.