February 23-24, 2022


How did the PR industry transform these past two years and what other changes can we expect going forward?

Find out at this year’s gathering of communication professionals. The 28th National Public Relations Congress: Alter the Future.


John Adrian Warr

Southeast Asia CEO, APAC Head of Employee Experience, Edelman

As CEO of Edelman Southeast Asia and head of Employee Experience for APAC, Adrian oversees operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Prior to this, he spent 8 years working in and running the Hong Kong and Taiwan offices. He also served as a communications consultant in top-tier consultancy companies in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Adrian has worked with global brands such as Cathay Pacific, Samsung, Google, ebay, Coca-Cola, Tencent, Pepsi, United Airlines, Warner Music, The UN, Wrigley, KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, American Express and Nissan. He has also worked alongside notable leaders such as the CEOs and chairpersons of Mars, HSBC, Cathay and Swire and remarkable people such as Kofi Annan, Cherie Blair and Princess Christina of Spain.

An advocate for gender equality, Adrian is a co-chair and founding member of the Male Allies and volunteers for the Women’s Foundation.


Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face

We thought we knew how communications worked. But these past years showed us differently.

How can we find our feet amid the fast-changing terrain of political shifts, globalization, the health crisis and many other challenges facing the world today? What is in store for the communications industry of the future? How can we prepare for this future now?


David Guerrero

Creative Chairman, BBDO Guerrero

After starting his career in London, David spent five years in Hong Kong and then moved to Manila. In 1998, he founded BBDO Guerrero after just 10 years in the business.

Known for its award-winning work for local and regional clients, BBDO Guerrero has picked up the Grand Prix at the Asia Pacific AdFest, Ad Stars, WARC and most recently the Kinsale Sharks. BBDO Guerrero also won the first Lions for the Philippines in several categories at Cannes as well as the first trophies at Clio, D&AD and The One Show. David was the first Jury President at the Cannes Lions Festival from Southeast Asia and has since been part of many other juries in most parts of the world. These days, of course, he judges from home.

Do Something Great, Talk About It, and Change the World

The world’s marketing community is going through an era of rapid change. Marketing and communication professionals need to recalibrate their work and strategies to keep up with the changes while making sure their work remains relevant.

How can practitioners reconcile creativity and purpose and meet brand objectives while making a difference in the community? How can agencies up their creativity game and gain global recognition for their work? How can they reconcile this with the pursuit of the higher purpose for the common good?


Jamie Endaya

Global Communications Operations Vice President, The Procter & Gamble Company

Years of experience in brand management and influencer marketing, public relations, government relations, consumer relations and corporate social responsibility enable Jamie to excel in his role as the vice president for Global Communications Operations at P&G.

Over the course of his now 2-decade stint with Procter & Gamble, Jamie has held several roles from assistant brand manager, country managing manager, senior director for Communications and External Relations for Asia to his current role. His expertise and experience have brought him to Singapore and now, the United States, in P&G’s Global Headquarters in Cincinnati.


P&G as a Force For Good and a Force For Growth

One of the biggest consumer goods companies in the world, if not the biggest, Procter & Gamble has achieved many milestones over its 180 years of existence and continues to innovate and strengthen its market footprint around the world.

What are the secrets to the company’s success? What can communication professionals learn from P&G’s PR and media relations experiences over the years? How can a brand reach the top and achieve continuous growth and still be a force for good?


Tim Williamson

Asia Pacific Managing Director, Telum Media

As the Asia Pacific Managing Director of Telum Media, Tim manages a comprehensive media database in the Asia Pacific region and leads a dynamic team of journalists and PR professionals. Working at the most comprehensive media relations platform in APAC lets Tim oversee on-the-ground insights into the APAC media using Telum’s easy-to-use media intelligence platform.

Tim’s 2-decade experience in broadcast journalism and corporate communications includes working at Bloomberg Television, the BBC and leading PR agencies including Brunswick and Weber Shandwick. His passion for media and journalism has brought him to the UK, Australia and Asia.


Effective Media Engagement during COVID-19

The shift to digital and the protocols implemented to curb the spread of COVID-19, in particular social distancing and working from home, have changed the way we engage with the media, relationships with whom are based largely on personal interactions.

How has the relationship with the media evolved these past few years? How can communication professionals strengthen their relationship with the media in the new landscape? As the media landscape continues to shift, how can PR practitioners equip themselves to be more agile and proactive as they also work with brands?


Jay Bautista

Media Division Managing Director, Kantar Philippines

As the managing director of the leading media research provider in the market, Jay’s responsibilities include delivering a high standard of media insight to the industry, developing a more comprehensive view of audience behavior and audience management, and executing growth strategies within the business development and client management areas across Kantar Philippines’ product portfolio.

An active member of the media and advertising industry, Jay has previously served as the director of AdBoard, the president of Marketing and Opinion Research Society of the Philippines, managing director for media of The Nielsen Company and director of IMMAP.


Altered State of PH Media

The shift to digital and online, global health crisis and ABS-CBN shutdown caused major shifts in the country’s media landscape, transforming the way information is prepared, distributed and consumed.

What can we expect in the years ahead as both media practitioners and consumers adapt to the new normal? What is the outlook for the country’s media for the years ahead? How is this altered state expected to impact the society in general and individual Filipinos, including communication professionals?


Weldon Fung

Social Solutions Director, Meltwater

Leading Meltwater’s social solutions for Southeast Asia requires extensive experience in AI, social media analytics, and tracking, monitoring and analyzing data. Weldon’s 10-year experience in PR and social marketing comes handy in fulfilling this role. Weldon believes in the power of social data and AI for PR and marketing professionals to accelerate the development and integration of digital media in a post-pandemic world.

Weldon is based in Singapore. He loves a good cup of coffee, autobiographies, history books and vinyl records of old-school hip-hop.


Co-Creation: Collaborative Storytelling at the Speed of Culture

The epic rise of the creator economy since the pandemic signals a large shift in the PR industry: the decentralization of content and storytelling.

How does this impact brands? How can communication professionals work hand-in-hand with content creators and community members to build a shared narrative? What are the expectations for this shared narrative?


Belle Baldoza

Global Director of Consumer and Brand Communications, TikTok

As TikTok’s global director of consumer and brand communications, Belle makes sure TikTok’s brand narratives stay intact and crafts global campaigns to show the impact of the world’s community-driven entertainment destination. Prior to this, she served as head of communications for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at Airbnb, consumer communications lead for the Asia-Pacific region at Uber, consumer PR Lead for Southeast Asia at Netflix and head of Communications for Asia at Spotify.

She has also worked at WPP agencies Ogilvy Public Relations and Mindshare. In 2019, she was named by Provoke Media among the Innovator 25 in the Asia-Pacific and the 12 Global Rising Stars set to become influential chief communications and marketing officers of the future.


Lessons in Brand Storytelling: From Local to Global

Communication strategies and tools vary depending on the needs and objectives. The audience and target market, whether local, regional or global, also dictate a communication professional’s approach and storytelling method and platform.

How can PR practitioners better tailor their campaigns to local, regional and global market scenarios? How can new technologies, tools, apps and platforms be optimized to reach a wider audience, even cut across geographical boundaries? In what other ways can we improve brand storytelling using new tools and platforms?



Chief Executive Officer, Blogapalooza Inc.

Ace combines her experience as an entrepreneur and marketing and PR specialist and her passion for financial literacy to lead Blogapalooza, the Philippines’ premier influencer marketing company. A firm believer of the influence economy, Ace launched Buzzin, now Elevate, to connect businesses to bloggers and influencers.

Ace is a storyteller in both the written and spoken platforms. She started a podcast called Wise Cash to educate the youth about financial literacy and freedom. The Management graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University also hosts The Rated I Podcast. Ace took her MBA from the University of the Philippines and a Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Technology Sydney.


Influencer Marketing: 2022 and Beyond

With influencer marketing increasingly becoming a communication weapon of choice, marketers and brands must continue to seek new strategies to better engage their audiences.

What’s the outlook for this sector, in particular digital marketing? How can PR practitioners, brands and influencers collaborate much more meaningfully? How can marketers ride the wave of creator and influencer marketing?


Budjette Tan

Writer and Co-creator, Trese

A haunted house with an aswang lurking outside his bedroom window, these were the stories that inspired Budjette Tan to write the comic book Trese, co-created with Filipino artist Kajo Baldismoh and three-time winner of Best Graphic Literature of the Year in the Philippine National Book Awards in 2009, 2011 and 2012. The animated adaptation of Trese launched on Netflix in 2021 was among the streaming service’s top 10 shows for a month.

Budjette also wrote and co-created The Dark Colony Book 1: Mikey Recio and the Secret of the Demon Dungeon, which bagged the Best Graphic Literature of the Year award in 2013. He was a co-editor for Alamat Comic, The Lost Journal of Alejandro Pardo: Creatures and Beasts of Philippine Folklore and SOUND: A Comic Book Anthology (co-edited with Charis Locke, published by Difference Engine).

Budjette now lives in Denmark with his wife and son, and works as creative lead in the Lego Agency.


Finding Magic Ingredients in the Everyday to Tell Magical Stories

Stories should reflect life and society. Stories that touch lives and last through time are those about characters, experiences and events that readers can relate to.

What are the ingredients to a story that resonates with various audiences and cuts across different sectors? How can communication professionals balance authenticity and branding needs in the stories they create? How can we as the industry storyteller remain true to our role of telling stories that reflect life and society?


N Mark Castro

Secretary General, Philippine Business Club Indonesia

A management and investment adviser, N Mark is a partner in TMM Asia Consulting, Inc. and its Jakarta-based PT TMM Asia Konsultasi Indonesia and a majority shareholder and president of PT Jump Digital Indonesia, a foreign-investment company in Jakarta. He serves as senior adviser at PT Kenora Resources International and PT AndrewTani & Co., a 47-year old management advisory firm in Jakarta and recognized as among the top 10 management consulting firms in the Asia Pacific by HR Tech Outlook 2019.

N Mark facilitates inter-ASEAN business investments, connecting investors and business partners and assisting in market entry. He has helped foreign companies establish and grow their business in Southeast Asia and has worked with conglomerates to expand sales and distribution in other ASEAN markets. He is also the founding president of the UP Alumni Association in Indonesia.


Narrative of Numbers

The pandemic, and any other crisis for that matter, brings to the fore business viability and financial concerns alongside other key issues. In the Philippines where many businesses were hard hit, financial communication has become a priority for many organizations and enterprises.


Roby Alampay

Founder and Chairman, Puma Public Productions

An award-winning journalist and advocate of press freedom and independence, Roby started Puma Public Productions to provide a platform for brands and organizations to expand their content to streaming audio.

The University of Columbia University graduate previously served as the editor-in-chief of BusinessWorld and InterAksyon.com and was tasked with creating and managing the latter’s digital strategies and presence. He was a former anchor of CignalTV’s The Big Story and The Chief.


Podcasts for Filipinos, and the Joy, Power, and Value in Listening

The Philippines is emerging as one of the fastest-growing markets for podcasts in Southeast Asia. As podcasts continue to gain more traction, audience engagement takes on another form and a new platform for brands and communication professionals arises.

Beyond platforms and content, what new issues related to audience engagement and how to improve it can and should podcasts address? What new metrics and indicators for impact and success are there for brands to use as they deal not just with mass markets but also niche communities? How can podcasts be optimized to meet communication goals while building a stronger relationship with one’s audience?


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