February 23-24, 2022

The world is changing fast right before our eyes, and we must change along with it. Art imitates life, and so must PR and communication. Our storytelling, the campaigns and programs we create must reflect the real and the present.   

Alter the Future is about embracing this challenge of transforming our mindset as storytellers so we can be the observer, chronicler, critic and reflection this changing world needs. It is about questioning how we contribute to improving the present to ensure a much brighter future not just for our industry but the society as well. It is anchoring our work on the truth that what we do now will shape the years ahead.

The 28th National PR Congress: Alter the Future challenges you, the modern-day PR and communication professional, to revisit your narrative to see if it fosters hope and unity instead of division, critical thinking instead of blind belief, integrity and professionalism instead of deceit. It challenges you to reexamine your storytelling to inspire and move others for the better and in so doing alter the course of the future.

About PRSP

The PR Congress is the largest congregation of public relations practitioners across industries in the public sector, civil society and students in the country. This annual conference is spearheaded and organized by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP).

PRSP is the country’s premier organization for public relations professionals. PRSP is a nonstock, nonprofit organization established on February 19, 1957 by leading PR practitioners in the country. Its roster comprises practitioners who represent business and industry, government, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, schools, hotels and professional services.